Italian quality and production

  • Suppliers of Italian components and semi-finished products according to Serrmac technical specifications;
  • Technical-production cycle entirely within the company;
  • On the market for over 65 years;
  • Production capacity over 2 thousand units per year;
  • Final product testing and 3-year warranty on mechanical parts;

Market Leader

More than 30 different models, the widest range of finished products on the market


  • Strong international vocation and a desire to expand activity also in new European and non-European markets;
  • Maintaining the identity and production site in Italy;

Special and Automatic Machines

Pre and After Sales Services

  • Reliability, Sensitivity, Flexibility, Technical analysis and Fast delivery times;
  • Training area and showroom for tests and Customer, Agent, Technician training courses;
  • Ready for Delivery Drill stock;
  • Pre-sales Assistance
    • more than 1000 dealers in Italy and 12 agents around the territory
    • model selection and custom offer
    • guarantee and respect for delivery times
    • assistance for use and training for technicians and operators
  • After-sales Assistance
    • after sales assistance
    • delivery of spare parts within 24 hours from the order (over 20 thousand units in stock, 90% spare parts in stock)