Serrmac products are at the top of their technology category, due to a precise technical and organisational choice made back during the first years of activity in the 50s.
All mechanical and electronic product components are designed and manufactured to guarantee constant reliability over time. The geometrical and operating performance of the first months of life remain unchanged even after decades of heavy-duty work.
The most strategic mechanical components subject to wear and tear (gears, spindle axes, sleeves, etc.) are built using special steels and with tempering heat treatment cycles followed by grinding. The gearboxes are in an oil bath.
The high-quality electrical and commercial components are from primary Suppliers.

The machining, assembly and control technologies during the various production phases guarantee both product quality and perfect interchangeability of spare parts.
The semi-automatic assembly line ensures not only a high production potential, but also, and above all, high quality and repeatability in assembly operations and their constant quality.
Final testing ensures the quality of finished products.

The range of finished products is the widest on the market and lets customers optimise their choice of drill, configuring it according to the needs and technical requirements.

The special machines sector makes it possible to create drilling and tapping islands even with a fully automatic cycle, allowing significant improvements in efficiency and quality in the case of mass production or production of special parts.

The range of drills and tapping machines is the widest on the market, both for the type of models and for the wide choice of transmissions and options.