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A system of integrated expertise to best satisfy the customer before and after a purchase

Our offer stands out also thanks to the significant contribution of our high-quality, efficient and comprehensive service. From consulting to our pre-sales, testing and after-sales service: a veritable system of integrated skills intended to guarantee all-round satisfaction for those who choose our products.


Presenting ourselves not as mere suppliers but as true partners has enabled us to gain the loyalty of even the most demanding customers. One of the distinctive features of our work is our ability to identify and prepare, with total customisation, the best solutions for the customer's needs, i.e. the type and specific features of the work to be performed.


Our work also involves putting the customer's employees in a position to be able to use the products we supply in the best possible way, and our agents in a position to correctly and comprehensively illustrate the technical characteristics and operation of our products. We therefore provide specific training courses held in a specifically equipped in-company space, including a training area for tests and practical demonstrations.


We like to see ourselves as providers of high-quality reliable solutions. One of the ways we deliver what we promise is by thoroughly testing all machines that leave our factories.


Our after-sales service ranges from technical support in the strict sense of the word, with immediate and extensive intervention, to a particularly efficient spare parts service, with delivery within 24 hours of order thanks to our well-stocked warehouse. In addition, we have a special remote assistance service for automated stations and CNC machining centres, made possible by being ready with complete Industry 4.0 packages with the dedicated Serrmac MiniMes management system.


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