• Column drilling machines

Column drilling machines

Precise, noiseless and reliable column and bench drilling machines. They have step pulley transmissions, a simple variator, electronic speed variator, precision spindle with hardened vice taper.

Professional drilling-milling machines

Column drilling machines with various transmission systems for the optimal choice of speeds in relation to the type of drilling and milling to be performed and the characteristics of the material. They are equipped with micrometric depth adjustment for precision drilling.

TCS drilling-milling machines with prismatic column

Machines for drilling and milling operations up to 50 mm in diameter. They can be supplied with displayed axes and programmable work cycles. The cast iron structure with a prismatic column makes them highly stable and reliable.

Lead-screw tapping machines

Bench, pedestal and column tapping machines with variable speed drive and gearbox. High sensitivity allows delicate and very precise steps to be carried out. They can be used for manual and continuous cycle machining.


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