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Drilling-milling machine with 3 displayed axes and programmable cycles

High-Tech range drilling – milling machine with 3 displayed axes and manual programmable cycles with electronic speed variator via vector inverter.

Cross table with manual movement;

Numerical control with 7” Touch Screen for on-board programming, with buttons for machining management and digital indicators of axis positions and the number of spindle revolutions;

Optical scales on X-Y-Z for positioning precision and repeatability;

USB port for loading programmes on-board the machine, and additional data output for connection to a CAD/CAM system;

Connection to the network is also possible via a wireless network. The DIGIT model is ready for INDUSTRY 4.0.

Technical specifications

Only some of the technical characteristics of this product have been listed in the table below. The complete list can be found in the documentation available in the section of the same name on this page.

Drilling capacity
mm Ø 50
Tapping capacity
mm M27
Spindle - intake
Quill - stroke
mm 140
Spindle - quill - stroke
mm 72
Spindle speed
rpm 100 - 2.100 / rpm 40 - 2.340
Cross table longitudinal stroke - x axis
mm 585
Cross table trasversal stroke - y axis
mm 250
Motor power
Kw 2,2 - 3
Kg 810
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