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Automatic transfer stations with rotary table for continuous cycle machining

Our TRC transfer stations, with a rotary table for continuous cycle machining, are manufactured to precise requirements.
They are highly suitable for optimising machining for codes with a large quantity of pieces to be manufactured. The overall cycle is made more productive by simultaneous machining operations.
They can be fitted with two or more machining heads and, in addition to drilling and tapping, can perform milling, washing, blow moulding and other operations.
They are fitted with redundant safety devices to allow manual or robotic loading and unloading operations without interrupting the work cycle, resulting in increased productivity.
They can be fitted with workpiece presence sensors, tool breakage or other devices to ensure continuous unmanned production.

Serrmac control systems and software for TRC Stations are ready for Industry 4.0, remote assistance and wireless transmission.
Serrmac MiniMES software is available for customers who are not equipped with a management system adapted to Industry 4.0 processes.

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