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Gantry Machine CNC 3 axes for machining long elements

Our machines of the series ‘TPL’ with portal structure are made according to specific customer requirements.
They allow to optimize the processing on long elements with any type of section and any material.
In addition to drilling and tapping, they allow milling and cutting.
In ‘TPL’ machines with fixed bench, the workpiece is fixed on a pallet and the machining head moves along the XYZ axes, performing the required machining.
The overall dimensions of the machine are slightly greater than the length of the profile to be processed in order to optimize the necessary spaces.
The many options available make the ‘TPL’ series adaptable to different machining needs and business operating environments,
Most of the Serrmac Automation products are interfaced with robots, loading/unloading systems and intrinsically responding to the most
modern Industry 4.0 requirements.

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