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Reliability, durability and simplified operation thanks to cutting-edge know-how

The common link between all the products in our range, which includes industrial automation and transfer stations, CNC machining centres, CNC drilling machines and tapping machines and column drilling machines, is total reliability. This is combined with the highest level of durability and operating and control concepts that make it as simple as possible to use and almost intuitive.

All the mechanical components used in our products are designed and manufactured to guarantee consistent performance over time. The most important parts and those most susceptible to wear are made of special steels and undergo hardening heat treatment, followed by grinding. Gearboxes work in an oil bath. Electrical components are of the highest quality. The manufacturing techniques we use, from machining through to assembly and testing, ensure not only maximum reliability, guaranteed by stringent final testing of every single piece of equipment manufactured, but also the perfect interchangeability of spare parts.


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