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We introduce you our TPLC CN

TPL CNC Transfer with Moving Column aims to solve problems of machining of long profiles or with particular shapes.

The construction peculiarity and the customized sizing, according to the real needs of the customers, allow to solve the problems of the customer without resorting to standard work centers.

TPL Transfer can be sized to perform drilling, tapping, milling, even with automatic tool change in cycle.

For long profiles they can also have a cutting station in cycle.

It is always possible to combine them with automatic loading and unloading systems.

In the picture a TPL with length 6 ml, in the base there are 6 profiles flanked that are processed in sequence (drilling, tapping, and milling), thus allowing to optimize productivity.

The PC can communicate with the customer’s CAD CAM system and import cycles in ISO language.

The Serrmac Software installed, “Intuitive Programming” equipped with pre-compiled masks, and if necessary, developed according to the Customer’s cycles, allows you to program cycles with extreme ease, memorize them and recall them when necessary.

TPL Transfer can be connected to Serrmac for every need of Software Updates, remote assistance, training, and troubleshooting.


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